SI Surf Rack


  • Polished aluminum finish
  • Window-net style strap with stainless steel clip
  • 2.5" top slot for surf style boards
  • SI curved backing plate
  • Billet tines with Roswell machined logo
  • Universal clamp not included
The SI Surf Rack continues to be a popular mainstay in our Roswell lineup. This rack can easily be added to any tower on the market using our convenient universal clamp system. It has a 2.5" top slot for use with wake surfboards or standard surfboards, featuring a thin recess at the rear of the slot which stabilizes the wake surfboards while underway. Like all our racks, the SI Surf Rack comes with a polished aluminum finish and window-net style strap and stainless steel clip. If you carry a wake surfboard in your boat, this rack is a must.