Wake Tower Install for Under $2,000

Give your family and your boat the upgrade it has been needing! Installing a tower enhances your boating experience in multiple ways:

  • -Makes it easier for people to learn to ride, pulling the rider up rather than straight.
  • -Allows for more air in jumps and flips, again with the rope pulling from up higher, pulling the rider up more rather than straight.
  • -Clears up leg room in the boat with board racks to hold wakeboards, water-skis, kneeboards, and surfboards.
  • -Allows hanging speakers and lighting from the tower for a louder ride on the water, and jam to your tunes while wakeboarding!
  • -Makes every boat look 10x cooler!
So whether you are wanting to install it yourself as a family winter project or want us to install it, look no further, we have many different options of very sturdy, reliable towers from Roswell Wake Air. Prices vary with boat to boat, install fees, and customization. Contact us today!