2013 Hyperlite Forefront w/Remix Bindings

Was: 369.99
Now: 311.68

129cm w/4-8 Remix Bindings
134cm w/4-8 Remix Bindings
134cm w/7-10.5 Remix Bindings
139cm w/7-10.5 Remix Bindings

Why does a beginner board always have to stay a beginner board? Thanks to Hyperlite's Forefront there is a wakeboard out there that will grow up with you. Featuring the first ever toe side footbed riser for additional leverage, toe side channel extensions and removable fins, the Forefront will allow you to get over the awkwardness of toe side cutting and toe side landing. As your skills progress you can remove the longer toe side fins to give the Forefront a more traditional feel, giving you the flexibility to grow up along with the board.