2014 Hyperlite Tribute w/Focus Bindings

Was: 399.99
Now: 358.99

132cm w/4-8 Focus Bindings
137cm w/7-10.5 Focus Bindings
137cm w/10-14 Focus Bindings

Hyperlite Tribute Wakeboard - If you're looking for a true freeride board then you'll want a ride like the Hyperlite Tribute Wakeboard. Built with a Continuous Rocker Line, you'll be able to get some great speed into the wake and then have all the pop you can ask for. The Variable Edge rolls soft between your feet but then becomes a sharp cupped rail at the tip and tail in order to make this board quick and responsive. The small molded-in fins ensure that you have a good edge hold without sacrificing any release off the wake. Monocoque Constructed, you can expect to ride on a very durable board that was made to handle side impacts and take the constant wear-and-tear from riding on the water. If you're an intermediate rider looking for a freeriding board, you'll want to get on the Hyperlite Tribute Wakeboard.